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Guide to New Construction and property taxes in Los Angeles County

Howdy Land Man Disciples, A foreign buyer asked if their property tax would increase after they built their dream home. An excellent question which compelled me to share the answer with all of you. Our friends at the Los Angeles County Assessor's Office provided an easy to understand pamphlet for us! Follow this link to

How To Evaluate Undeveloped Land Investments

Investing in undeveloped land can be highly profitable; the IRS allows individuals to invest in land using retirement funds through self-directed IRA accounts. Though investing in undeveloped land can be a more profitable alternative to under performing stocks and mutual funds, not all opportunities will outpace inflation and help you reach your retirement goals. This

Tax Benefits of Investing in Vacant Land |

# Vacant land is typically viewed as a speculative investment. It produces no income, has ongoing expenses, and is only profitable if its market value increases in the future. Although this is all true, vacant land is not only an excellent hedge against inflation, but it also generates multiple tax benefits. No Taxable Income #

How to start Investing in Real Estate: Buying LAND…Advantages & Disadvantages

Buying LAND...Advantages & Disadvantages Ever thought about buying land as an investment? A favorite saying in the real estate industry is, "Location, Location, Location," known as the 3 L's of real estate. The location of real estate will dictate it's value more than any one factor. I've mentioned on more than one occasion, that God

Advantages to Investing in Land and Lots

When thinking of investing, one thing that comes to most people's minds is real estate. Even in this time of recession, real estate can offer great investment potential. While most people thing that real estate investing is solely buying homes, condominiums, or commercial properties, there is another facet of real estate that even the smallest

Welcome to LA LAND MAN

Greetings. Please be patient while this site gets up and running. The premise of this site is to serve as a market place for land for sale in Los Angeles County.